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Update-y stuff:

Ok, got all my results back. Oy! I'm apparently severely deficient in all the B-vits, especially folate, B5 and B12. I'd post the results, but they're not in standard lab format. The test measures the body's NEED for a particular nutrient, rather than what's circulating. I also have dysbiosis and acidosis. Fortunately, those are easily fixed.

My cholesterol's pretty good. In fact, its dropped 20 points since the last time I had it done and my triglycerides are 1/2 what they were. HDL and LDL could use a little improvement tho.

My female hormones are ok, for the most part, but LH's kinda screwy. Getting it tested again, this time along with FSH. I'm going to be seeing another dr in the practice who specializes in hormones, since WonderDoc is retiring at the end of the year.

My thyroid numbers are pretty much the same as they've always been. TSH was 1.76 and my FreeTs are still below midrange.

Didn't get my D or ferritin checked. I figured my iron was low because the headaches have been coming back. That's my "tell". Have switched over to ferrous fumarate, which doesn't cause the digestive problems I'd had with other forms of iron.

And in other news......

Finally at the point where I've started introducing foods back into my diet. Ummm... interesting results, to say the least.

I had a massive reaction to wheat. Scary massive. Told WonderDoc about it and he rx'd an epi pen. No kidding. I've also had reactions, although not as bad, to corn (which I kinda figured), dairy, and refined sugar (of all things). Citrus and eggs seem to be fine. WonderDoc wants me in his office when I try peanuts. Eek!

Right now, my head's spinning about all of this. I'm slowly coming to terms with it all, but still. And now I guess we have a reason why I haven't been really absorbing my supplements. Hopefully, now things will be getting into my system.

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