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I know exactly how you feel about the worry of ceasing the iron supplements one day and then continuously wondering whether your ferretin levels are slowing going down or staying put. After years of not knowing what was wrong with me, to finally find out the truth this year, i highly doubt i'll ever totally go off iron supplements. I think even if one day my numbers do eventually get to 70 i will take it, if not daily, at least every second day.

The reason i stopped taking the supplement whilst on the injections was due to the information in the literature provided to me. It advised to cease all oral supplementation. My Trichologist did tell me to keep taking the supplements, but i was worried about there being some interaction and ending up with side effects. I had also stopped taking the supplements 3 weeks prior to the injections as the powdered supplement i was taking was making me sick. I thought i would be starting the injections immediately, but the chemist wasnt able to get the iron ampules from the supplier for 3weeks. I couldn't believe that iron could be in such short supply, but didnt worry too much as i "assumed" the injections sky rocket ferretin levels. If i had known that they dont necessarily have this affect i would have resumed the supplements after the final injection.

I'm back on the same iron supplement, but take iron phosphate tablets straight after to stop and unpleasant side effects from the supplement. The iron phosphate is used by people with a number of illnesses which makes taking of normal iron supplements unpleasant and full of not so nice side effects. My doctor told me the illnesses concerned but i could only recall Crohns disease, but basically anybody who gets an upset stomach from normal supplements can take iron phosphate tablets to alleviate the problem. Since then i've not had any side effects.

Most days i'm super good and make certain i eat/drink the correct food combinations when i take my supplements, but there is the odd day when i find it so wearing and just feel like caving in for at least one day and having a morning coffee with my breakfast or a red wine with a nice steak. It's so it's no coffee with breakfast and only white wine occasionally with dinner. It also helps to be able to come on here and have a little vent and to also read how others are doing. When Christine posted her new results it really gave me hope for my own future results.

You must be bursting at the seams to get your new tests done in January. Mine get done every 3 months and that's bad enough. I dont know how i would cope waiting 6 months. I guess i know what all of us will be asking from Santa this Christmas :)
Hi littlebunnyfoo - sorry to hear that this is all getting you down. I went through bouts of depressive states off and on and especially after i got my test results after the iron injections. It's such a blow when you get your hopes up, only to find that your ferretin hasn't moved or even worse, has gone down. At a ferretin of 19 i'm sure you will still be suffering a lot of side effects of low iron, even though you now are not technically classed as anemic. I dont know about others, but even when mine eventually hit 29 i still felt rubbish!! Others at 29 have felt good. I guess it will affect each of us differently.

The iron supplement my doctor gave me was making me sick prior to the iron injections so no wonder i wasnt going up. Each time i took it and then ate afterwards i would end up with an upset stomach and would have to rush off to the toilet. Whether a person has an iron problem or not, this isn't good as the body is not absorbing majority of the vitamins/minerals and everything is simply being flushed down the toilet.

My doctor then got me onto iron phosphate tablets. These tablets are amazing. No more upset stomach. I can honestly say since i religiously went back to my original iron supplement and then began taking the iron phosphate tablets directly after, i have slowly begun to feel better and better. I know i have a long way to go, but getting rid of the stomach pain and trips to the toilet is an immense relief.

Apparently they give iron phosphate to people with various illnesses where they cant tolerate the traditional iron supplements on their own. My doctor named some of the illnesses but i can only recall Crohns disease.

I take my iron supplement before breakfast and dinner. My doctor did want me taking it at lunch also, but i felt it was too much. Maybe now i could handle it, but still havent done anything about it. The powdered supplement i take = 100mg per day. The iron phosphate i take = 60mg. That is a total of 160mg per day. I will wait till my next blood test in January and once i see the results then i might consider taking it 3 times per day. At present i'm sick of taking so many things as i am on herbal drops for my periods 2xper day and i'm taking lysine, vitamin D, iodine and zinc also.

As for my hair, it pretty much stopped falling out over the 2 or 3 months of winter, which it pretty much does most years, but as soon as spring came along i noticed more would come out and now that we are into our summer i feel even more is coming out, but not a 100% scary amount as yet. The test will be january - february. I'm not expecting my hair to fully recover any time soon as hair is the very first thing to get affected by ill health and the very last thing to recover.

My doctors chemist has formulated an even stronger version of the iron supplement i take and it has everything in it, even the lysine and the B group vitamins. This will cut out having to take all those extra things. Will see how that goes when it becomes available.

As i've mentioned in previous posts, the things i'm doing differently is substituting caffeinated coffee for one made of barley/chicory, i quite often spread a chicken liver pate on my toast for breakfast instead of jams, eat more protein (snacking on almonds, brazil nuts and cashews is like eating meat as those 3 nuts together are a complete protein, just like what you find in meat), i have an egg a day, usually have a semi-hard boiled egg with my sandwich at work or with a salad, i got back into juicing fruit/veg particularly beetroot and i also grate fresh beetroot into my salads. Fresh beetroot does wonders for the blood if you are low in iron and is great for purifying your blood from toxins. It also helps to reduce cholesterol levels and purify natural waste products form your body, helps the rate at which the liver breaks down fatty acids, which in turn frees up the liver to get on with more serious business. So you see it's a very helpful vegetable to consume, only not the one which comes out of a can, it has to be fresh. The canned variety is ruined as it has sat in vinegar.

I would strongly suggest you visit your local chemist and ask them for iron phosphate tablets to relieve you of your stomach problems. These can be taken directly after taking your normal supplement and you then might be able to take your daily supplement 2 times per day.

Hoping you get some relief soon. :)

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