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It would be helpful if you could post the type of test that your doctor gave you, along with your results.

There are many different tests that could be run which would prompt a doctor to say "you have low iron" that don't necessarily prove anything.

The tests that diagnose anemia are: hematocrit, hemoglobin and RBC count. If two out of three of these tests are below the normal range, you will be told you have anemia. These tests do not indicate what causes the anemia though. However, many doctors will run these tests, see that they are low and assume that it is due to iron deficiency. I know this was done in my case and I pushed for further testing. Turns out they were correct, but I was told by another doctor that it may not have been the case.

If your doctor ran serum iron tests, it could be that the circulating amount of iron in your blood stream was low at the time of the test, but overall might not mean much. This test would not show if you are anemic.

The third test is called "ferritin." This is the one test that truly shows your iron status by the amount of stored iron in your body. If this is low, you are truly low in iron but maybe not anemic. Most likely, if the situation isn't fixed, you will become anemic eventually.

So, if you can figure out what your tests are and post back here, we might be able to tell you for sure.

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