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We are at only the early stages of diagnosis and don't know why my ferritin is so low. My Ob/Gyn thinks that it may be a combination of 3 pregnancies and that, at last ultrasound, I had something that was bleeding in my uterus. He will do another ultrasound next Wednesday to see what's going on.

He basically said that the reason I am not anemic is beause my body is working really really hard to maintain healthy blood cells, and that's the reason I fee SO tired.

I want another blood test to see if the 30 days of iron supplement have done anything ... I need that physcological boost.

I tell you, there are days that I feel I am going crazy. I wake up in the morning washed out and tired and I stay like that all day. It's not easy when you have a 7yr old, 5yr old, 6 month old baby, a husband and a big house to look after. And no family support to speak of .. my folks (who are godsends) live 2 hours flight away and although my inlaws are close they are in their 80's and not much 'support'.

Anyway. Enough of my whinging. I just hope that the ferritin is what is causing my fatiuge ... because it means that in time and with patience it will increase (somehow) and I will get back to normal.

Hmmm, today is going to be a rough one ... bubba had a really unsettled night and I was up and down like a yo yo to him ... argh.

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