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I can't speak for others, but the lowest my ferretin got to was 8 and at my last blood test it was 35, but getting it to 35 involved experimenting with varying types of iron supplements and varying dosages. Along the way i found out that it wasn't simply my iron i was low in, but VERY low vitamin D as well as Iodine, low-ish in my Zinc too and my thyroid results were not the best either. So now i'm on Zinc, Iron, Vit D and Iodine. I would get the lot tested if i were you as often it's not simply a matter of being low in iron and fixing that one thing. There can be other things out which invidividually end up affecting something else down the line.

I was excessively tired and felt run down when i was at 8, just having breakfast would exhaust me and i would have to lay down. I ended up getting to 29 after nearly one and a half years of iron supplements, then dropping back to 26. My doctor then agreed to do a course of iron injections and the injections only got me as far as 35.

I don't feel as tired as i did at 8, but in the teens and 20's i still felt very worn out and unmotivated. Now i'm not sure whether i'm still at 35 or whether i have dropped as i stopped taking iron supplements during the course of injections and for a month and a half later, especially as i got a false high of energy for about one month and then started to feel a bit tired again. Who knows, maybe my numbers dropped during the time of not taking supplements, but right now i dont have that amazing energy as i had towards the end of my iron injections.

My doctor has told me that on average people who are extremely low and working their way up usually end up taking a lot of time and it wont happen in a matter of weeks. Most people on this board have been at it for at least a year +.

My doctor wants me over 70, but would love to see me over 125 and i basically tell him 'fat chance'. At this stage i dont see myself getting to 50 any time soon, let alone 125. Then again, we're all individuals and you might be one of the lucky ones, plus it also depends why your levels got so low. Is it due to vegan diet, illness, heavy periods, internal bleeding, gluten intolerance etc.

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