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Please help......
Oct 24, 2007
Hi Everyone,

I'm just wondering what some things mean..... 2 years ago I got my iron tested and everything was fine except my ferritin level was at 14, at that time I didn't really worry about it and forgot it....... then about a month ago I started having palpitations and feeling very tired, hair thinning, irritable..... so I went and got a complete once over with the doctor testing everything under the sun with blood tests (also had and ECG done which was normal) the results came back that everything was fine, my thyroid, hemoglobin, B12 (everything) except my ferritin level is now at 10! The doctor prescribed Ferrous Glucondate 300mg 3x daily....... when I went to get them from the drug store the pharmacist said that he had never heard of anyone with such low ferritin values and have a 'normal' hemoglobin.... what the heck does that mean? He then asked if I have liver problems in my family, I said no and that the doctor tested my liver function..... it becomes confusing!!!! I have regular periods that at times can be a bit heavy, I don't eat right (1 meal a day) and I take a PPI to reduce the acid in my stomach..... could these thing cause the low ferritin level?

Is it normal or ok to have such low ferritn with a normal hemoglobin?

I'm confused and a little scared........ please help

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