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[QUOTE=osteoblast;3275403]I recently picked up a book at the library called Food&Mood, second edition. It is really quite good, written by Elizabeth Somer M.A. , R.D. She has a number of tips about enhancing iron absorption , many of which we have discussed here before. One thing caught my eye that may be of help to others trying to get their ferritin up
She says to drink tea and coffee between meals , not at meals containing iron, because the tannins in coffee and tea will decrease iron absorption by 80% or more. Now that is alot- practically negating the iron you have taken in. Hope this helps.

On another topic, I recently went to a naturopath. First time I have seen an alternative medical professional. Interesting but do not think I will make it an on going relationship. She did make some suggestions though that I thought were worth a try. She advised using a Greens drink. Is anyone familiar with this? It is a powder that is said to contain the antioxidant load equivalent to eating over 10 fruits and vegetables. She gave me sample packets and for a yucky looking green drink , it tastes yummy to me (dh didn't think so) .I asked if I could just get this with a juicer and she said you would have to buy huge amounts of greens to get same level of antioxidants. Also for my thyroid, I have hashimoto's hypo, she said to double my omega 3 's fish oil capsules because of the anti inflammatory effect of the omega 3's.[/QUOTE]

I knew the bit about the tea. Found that out awhile ago and now I make sure that I don't drink my tea and have my cereal at the same time. I will drink my tea and then wait awhile to eat. I don't drink iced tea with meals now either. Someone I know was put on iron supplements and they just weren't working. Her doctor then made her keep a food journal and discovered that she was drinking iced tea all day with her meals. Once she cut back on the tea, her iron improved greatly.

As for the increase of the fish oil because of Hashimoto's, that doesn't make sense. Hashimoto's disease is an autoimmune disorder but not an inflammatory one like rheumatoid arthritis, so not sure how that was going to work. Also since some things are autoimmune related, I don't know if the omegas would help that. Also, be careful taking more than 1000 mg of fish oil per day--it can thin the blood quite a bit at higher levels.

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