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I agree with mbbasketball that you should follow through and get the other tests done. I had them done. While it is probably rare that at a young age you would have a GI cancer causing this, there are all sorts of GI things that can cause it.

For me, my GYN was ready to give me a uterine ablation. Like you, my periods were about 6 days long with day 2 and 3 being quite heavy. They've been like that ALL my life so, to me, I think it would be odd that at age 40, my body would decide that it was a problem. While I do think that my periods are a FACTOR and don't help matters, they were not the cause of the anemia.

I ended up having a colonoscopy and endoscopy. The colonoscopy was fine, the endoscopy showed gastritis and bleeding in my stomach. Shocker for me as my stomach never felt any different than it always had (I have acid reflux and take Prilosec). We suspect the bleeding/gastritis was caused my me taking Motrin several times a month due to those 2-3 heavy days of my period. My GP always said to take it to lessen the bleeding. Little did I know it would cause bleeding somewhere else.

So, I think that you can't sit back and blame your periods 100%, although, that really might end up being the case. You do yourself a disservice to check it all out.

Now, if it is JUST the periods and nothing else, you might start to feel better in a few months of supplements. You have to be sure that the amount of iron you take exceeds what you are losing each month with your period. Hopefully you can accomplish that with the supplements but you may not be able to. That's when people get infusions. That you've responded so far is a very good sign.

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