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Dear DeeM40, sorry to hear of your anemia problems. I was where you are now over two years ago. Almost with the same lab results. I had to get iron infusion several times the first six months. I still continue to get iron iv when my ferritin falls below 50.

I would suggest that you get the colonoscopy and endoscopy done to rule out all possilbe blood lose. I had them done several times. I had 15 plus ulcers due to H-pylori bacteria. Had the treatment and then it came back a
year later. Did another treatment, will find out if I will have to have another endoscopy in Dec. The procedures are not that bad, the prep is the killer. But worth regardless of your age to get it done and rules out all causes of your anemia. I have heavy period too, but that was just one cause of my anemia as it turns out. I have AVM in the small intestines which are not bleeding now, but could later. So that is watched. I was 46 when I started all this. Now almost 50.

I am surprised with your hgb and ferritin sooo low that you were able to get the up so quickly. That is great. You still should rule out all possible contibuting factors which could be causing your anemia.
You won't start feeling better until you ferritin level is at least 50, but even at this level, you can still have effects such as hair falling out. I found that when my levels are around 80, I start feeling really well. I don't have too many of those months, thus the need to return for more Iron IV.

Taking pill will take much longer, talk to your doctor about getting a jump start with an iron infusion.

Welcome to this board, hope you won't be here long, not that you are not welcome, but that you will be feeling better soon.

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