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I am so happy I stumbled across this board! I recently went to see a hematologist regarding my blood levels. I truly feel I am losing it. I have such low energy it is RIDICULOUS. I have 3 kids, and even after seeing the hematologist, she made it seem like having 3 kids is the reason for feeling so run down. Can anyone help me at all with ways to get more energy before my iron stores are run up again?

My hemoglobin was at 8.7 and now up to 9.5. My ferritin is less than 1, and iron saturation at 5. The hematologist said to take 325 mg of iron 3X per day. . I want to know when I will feel better. I cannot live like this. I feel so tired I want to cry. That is what I told her, "that I wanted to cry." because you know how you feel you dont have the energy to move or even think and you have three children who NEED you. ?? You HAVE to get up and do things and I also work part time in the evenings and am just about losing it.

I was reading Judy's post and I am similar in that I have been taking fluxeonie or whatever it is for PMDD for about 1.5 years now and take it at night so it doesnt make me tired. But that is NOTHING compared to the tiredness I feel now.

I have opted not to do colonoscopy and endoscopy, that the gastro and my primary wanted to do. luckily, the hematologist agrees with me because of my age and i am a woman, and she says it is classic iron deficient anemia due to heavy periods and having children. I was on iron while pregnant and a prenatal vitamin, and my hemoglobin was 12 two years ago, even after having my kids. But, I do have heavy periods I guess, not loner than 5 days, but the first 2-3 days are heavy. I also have a history of fibroids and endometriosis. We had to do IVF to get pregnant. But I do not have any fibriods now, we did an ultrasound and abdominal ct scan and everything looked good. just one small cyst in ovary.

Anywya, now that you have my life story LOL ! I jsut want to know HOW long will it be til I feel human again? Is there anything else I can take or do to feel human again???
DEE :)

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