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:( Good morning everyone. My name is Christina and I have recently been diagnosed with severe iron deficiency anemia and vitamin D deficiency. I have been ill for many years with various diseases (rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, trigeminal neuralgia, fibromyalgia, Dercum's name a few) and this new diagnosis has really got me stressed and down. I knew I was feeling worse than usual and had no energy whatsoever, but I never suspected anything other than a flare up of my other conditions. It was a follow up visit to my rheumatologist that unearthed this new diagnosis, and thank God for my doctor having the immediate reaction to check for iron deficiency anemia once he realized my hemoglobin was low. I think that is what frustrates me most about all of this, the fact that over many years other doctors have commented that I was anemic and would see how terrible I was feeling and it never occurred to any of them to check for this.

I had my lab results sent over to my primary care doctor and had an appointment with her yesterday. I asked to see the results and suddenly had a clear picture of just how iron deficient I am. Anyone who has ever seen their lab results before has likely seen the words 'low' or 'high' next to an abnormal result. More than one of my tests came back with the word 'ALERT' next to it. They had told me on the phone that my results were extremely abnormal, but until I saw them I really don't think I processed that information. I believe my iron absorption was 5 and another of my results, perhaps my ferritin level, was a 1. There wasn't one result on the paper that was close to a normal in any sense. So now I get to run the gamut of tests to see if this stems from anything other than my periods. I am so exhausted, dizzy, unbalanced, having a hard time catching my breath, etc., and all the while I am dealing with my son being very ill himself. The stress of that isn't helping me in the least. If anything else is found, i.e. a source of bleeding in my colon or elsewhere that turns out to be a malignancy, I just don't know if I can take it. It's hard to be strong when you feel so weak.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this, and letting me vent to those who understand.


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