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Welcome to the boards :) In answer to your question, i can't recall any males in their teens joining the board due to anemia.

A girl i work with, her sister became anemic at your age due to going on a crash diet and overdoing the exercise. She ended up with a lot of health issues. When attempting to lose weight it has to be done sensibly and in a controlled way rather than going crazy and virtually stopping food intake.

As for the lactic acide build up, if you haven't done any or much exercise then begin an over the top amount of exercise, rather than gradually building up the amount of exercise and doing your warm ups before hand, then most definitely you will get the lactic acid build up.

I got myself a mini indoor trampoline and when i would exercise on it by simply jumping up and down i couldn't do it for more than about 20 seconds before feeling the lactic acid. I had to pace myself and only do it for 20 - 30 sec's at a time, then very gradually build up, finding that i could go for longer and faster bouts of exercise.

Did you simply do the exercise on your own or at a gym with supervision? When you are a novice and you want to lose weight, it might be advisable to see a doctor first and then visit a gym. At the gym they give a lot of helpful advice and supervise your exercise regime. Once you have learnt what to do and how to do it you can then do it on your own.

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