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The main thing is that you slow down and dont overdo the exercise right now, especially with being low in iron. My doctor has advised not overdoing the exercise when iron is low and i've heard it elsewhere too. It's good to raise the heart rate, but apparently not to extremes. I was told walking and swimming or a little cycling. I use an indoor trampoline which i jog/jump/exercise on for about 5 - 10 mins at a time. A lot of people have successfully lost weight over time with taking a walk before breakfast and before dinner or combining walking with swimming. It's also healthier and better for you in the long run to lose the weight slowly b/c people who tend to pace themselves and lose weight slowly are more likely to keep the weight off. I'm not totally sure why too much exercise is bad when iron is low, but maybe it has something to do with insufficient oxygen in the blood.

Actually there is a new theory regarding weight loss. Just like they say it's better to eat 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day, it is now said that exercise is better off done 5 or 6 times over an entire day rather than exercising for 1 or 2 hours straight.

I was talking to a lady at work who has been trying to lose weight and she also said that too much too soon isnt good for you and that you need to vary your exercise routine and not do exactly the same type of exercise routine every single day. For every week of exercise you need to give yourself 2 days of no exercise eg: if you exercise monday, tuesday, take wednesday off, then exercise thursday, friday, saturday and take sunday off.

Are you taking any supplements for the low ferretin levels? Being male, unless there is some other reason for the low ferretin, you should be able to get your levels up relatively soon if you are on supplements and if your diet is not fully vegetarian.

With your diet, have you thought of visiting a dietician? They can help you organise a healthy yet tasty diet for you to follow. A lot of people think a diet means eating only boring lettuce leaves and drinking water and that can become dangerous to your health. A dietician can look at your history eg: is weight gain an issue in your family, have you had a weight issue all of your life or is it recent, is it due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise, is it due to a pre existing health condition etc etc. Sometimes family doctors can put you in touch with a dietician and there might be a government run organisation at a medical centre somewhere where you could have a free consultation if you are worried that you wont have the money to pay for a dietician or that your family wont take you to one or pay for one.

It is very important to have full support from those closest to you when trying to lose weight as it's not simply a weight issue, but self esteem and self worth. I'm sure this board has a weight loss section where you can receive support from others on the board if you arent getting support from family or friends. You obviously have the drive to lose the weight but simply went about it in the wrong way. With some help and support you will get there, especially as you are only 16 and want to improve your health. It's better that you want to do something about it now than later in life. The longer you leave it the harder it is to turn things around. You will get there, it just takes a little time, so dont go checking the scales every single day, set yourself little short term goals, get help with a good eating plan, exercise in moderation and you can have the last laugh on all those who keep putting you down and teasing you. All the very best :)

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