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[QUOTE=Audrey-B;3285041]For some reason my iodine isn't just sort of low, but was low enough to actually need to take the iodine drops. I never expected this, but he did explain that if the zinc was low then the iodine isn't absorbed properly. I asked about the iodised table salt and he said that this isn't sufficient, you need to get it from food. The problem is that in some countries (he particularly mentioned Australia) soils are depleted in (i think he said a word starting with 's', silica or silenium?) and that a lot of foods are low in certain minerals/vitamins. Perhaps it's something to do with Australia being such a dry country with not the best soils. I think the soils are not naturally rich like what you might find in some other countries. Anyway, it's all too scientific for me!!

My iodine was 25 ug/L and apparently i'm supposed to be at least 100 or over. He went on to say that there are quite a lot of people out there who are low in this but dont realise it.[/QUOTE]


Your doctor is correct about the soils. I would imagine that many parts of Australia would have these problems based on the climate. I know that many, many, many years ago in the States it was also a problem but not throughout the whole country. There were certain "belts" of the country where goiters were a big problem. That's when they started with the iodized salt. I think wherever there is rich, fertile soil there were no problems but horrific problems in other areas.

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