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[QUOTE=auxano;3284820]I am going for my test today. I think my Dr is only testing for Iron stores. Apparently my last test was 11 and normal is 20-200. She said she'd like me about 35.

What is the difference between levels and stores?
If you have low stores is that what makes you feel so bad>?

What should I be asking for and looking for?


Sounds like she is checking your ferritin levels which is perfect. There are other iron tests but these measure the amount of iron circulating in your bloodstream. They are not so reliable. The ferritin is really the best indicator of your iron status. The only other thing you *might* want is to have a CBC done to see if you are anemic. You *could* be anemic--everyone is different. I did not become anemic until my ferritin went down to about 5. At 11 or higher, you should not have a problem with anemia but you might. Yes, low iron stores will make you feel bad. There is a lot of disagreement in the medical community about this. If you are in the "normal" range some doctors just forget about you. Reading here and other places, I believe the optimal ferritin level is about 70.

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