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Some doctors dont care what your level is so long as you fall within the range on your blood test report eg: between 20 - 200, while other doctors believe 70+ is the best. There are a lot of people who will complain of varying side effects even when ferretin reaches the 20's. I was still tired and worn out when my levels were 29, but nowhere near to being as exhausted as when i was at 8. I'm not sure at which level hair loss corrects itself as it's supposedly 70, but someone recently mentioned the figure of 40 on this board. I do know when i was roughly at 40 i wasnt experiencing the type of hair shedding which has been occuring over the last 6yrs, but then again, it can be a combination of things, including thyroid.

Sometimes it's not sufficient to only look at the ferretin level itself. A lot of people on this board have found out that they are low in B12, zinc and vitamin D and that long term low iron can result in throwing out your thyroid levels too. I recently found out that my iodine was very low and that that also could be affecting my thyroid and it could be a combination of low ferretin and borderline hypothyroidism which was causing my increased hair shedding.

Some doctors are quite knowledgable in what to test, while other doctors will simply test one or two things and refuse to test anything else you may request just b/c they believe it's not required. Even with thyroid testing some will do a simply TSH test, but exclude the T3 and T4.

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