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I have been posting on the inner ear board for several years, my diagnosis was BPPV, Labrinthitis, it has never resolved itself. I recently went to a naturopath who told me I was B12 def. My labs show high MCV/MCH and low iron stores. (Which they also did 3 years ago but the community clinic I went to thought nothing of it). He belives I have been B12 def for 10 years. I was a vegetarian (bad diet type of one) in my late teens and twenties. I started having Panic Attacks and feeling very strange, eventually began eating red meet and started to feel better. He also thinks I got some B12 when I took myself off the veg diet but have not been able to restore. He is not sure if it is an inner ear issue that has not resolved due to B12 def or it's B12 and adrenal def.

Latley my Symptoms include: numbness and tingling, heat at night in hand and feetDizzines, Extreme Light sensitivity, fatigue, muscle ache, knee pain, panic attacks just looking at different lights, swaying feeling and mental confusion after being in intense environments. My nervous system feels shot...

So my question............ he started me on B12 shots and the first few days I felt a new sense of peace come over me. Some days I feel tired after them anyone else experienced this? Also I feel like my body is really heating up at might and my hands/feet itching more. So I guess my other question is has anyone else exerienced what they thought might be their body healing? an aggravation before things get better? Can the nerve damage heal? Has anyone had many of their symptoms just go away?

I have read many posts on this site. And have been very moved by some of your stories. I can't belive something like this can go so long undiagnosed. My labs a dr would have ignored. You really need to see someone who has experience and knows the true symptoms it seems. I have been dealing with symtoms for 15 years and seen a lot of different dr and alternative practioners

FYI my naturopath told me he does not use the B12 test. He finds it unreliable. He is looking at other things in the blood pannel. And you got to look at those numbers carefully because the normal ranges do not fit everyone.

Thanks for any feedback
Your symptoms sound very familiar. I suffered off and on for 20 years till about 5 years ago my body stopped taking in B12 thru digestion and then all H*** broke loose. Now I am on a lifetime of B12 shots, easy trade off considering death is the other option.

I have been doing injections every two weeks now for 15 months and there is remarkable improvement. I do still have some balance issues, visual and muscle contractions but nothing in comparison to before.

You will find that for the first 6 months you will take two steps forward and one backwards quite often. My advice is take everything in baby steps and when you feel good enjoy it - but don't overindulge. It took about 12-13 months before I felt most like myself again.

I lost the sense of touch to most of my body, and let me tell you when the nerves started to work again it-was downright painful. My family would barely touch me and I would scream at how heavy handed they were. I finally realized, it wasnít them, it was my brain Ė almost as if my brain had no clue how to handle the new information being received and just interpreted it as pain. It was slow but this sensation did go away.

Every cell is affected at the loss of B12 some regenerate faster but nerves take the longest. However, with that said some of the damage never heals and in those cases you learn to cope, retrain a new brain path or develop skills to avoid the triggers. I canít stand it when there is to much visual stimulation around me (IE someone walking to close in front of me) in most cases it causes me to feel like the floor fell out from under me or causes uncontrolled muscle jerks. Since I know this I am cautious of how close I let people into my personal space. My family all understands my issues and avoids it all together. They also know that when we are in a crowd they go first and my arm is on their shoulder guiding me - that way I can just pay attention to their backs and avoid all the visual stimulation as much as possible.

Good luck on your journey Ė and donít hesitate to ask what you think might be a silly question.
I have hemolytic anemia, and so that affects my B12 levels. They didn't know my B12 was low for awhile. My symptoms mirrored yours, but the worst ones for me were the muscle jerks, tingling, mood swings and sleep disturbances.

Sometimes the B12 shots make me feel really good - sometimes I just go to sleep and nap afterwards. It really is two steps forward and one back like IamUnique says. The most important thing is to hang in there and make sure you're getting all your B vitamins to balance things out, eat bananas (it helps with the B12 getting used!), and make sure you have enough folic acid as well. Your body needs all that stuff in sync or the shots won't work.

It's a long road - pay attention to your symptoms. You will soon learn when your B12 levels are off. IT's great that you discovered the problem. You will feel better soon.
Thank you Iamunique and Jill. ;)

What a strange journey we're all on. It helps to hear how others have gotten threw. Right now I am near my period and everything has gotten worse. Bus I have hope.
That's funny you say that. There are three things and when they all combine into one week lets just say the simplistic transformation of a werewolf sounds easier. And any two together isnít very much fun either

If you combine the time for my shot, PMS and a full moon I look and feel like some crazed person. I can tell you 4 days prior to a full moon without even looking at the calendar Ė my head gets a bit foggy and hurts a bit more then as the moon gets closer my walking gate gets unsteady. Funny how the day after the full moon all of this disappears and I am right back to what I call normal.

Good luck and hang in there.

I too started out on the inner ear board. My first symptom was humming in my ears, and my doctor and then an ENT both told me I had a virus. (Did not feel like a virus; felt like death.) The ENT told me I had vestibular neuronitis (VN) but the otoneurologist disagreed and told me I had BPV. Now I know that my problem was B12 deficiency all along, and the B12 deficiency was causing the humming and million other hideous symptoms that soon followed. I’m a vegetarian too, and I was a vegan but am eating dairy again. I hope B12 is the answer to your prayers; I know it was the answer to mine.

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