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I have been posting on the inner ear board for several years, my diagnosis was BPPV, Labrinthitis, it has never resolved itself. I recently went to a naturopath who told me I was B12 def. My labs show high MCV/MCH and low iron stores. (Which they also did 3 years ago but the community clinic I went to thought nothing of it). He belives I have been B12 def for 10 years. I was a vegetarian (bad diet type of one) in my late teens and twenties. I started having Panic Attacks and feeling very strange, eventually began eating red meet and started to feel better. He also thinks I got some B12 when I took myself off the veg diet but have not been able to restore. He is not sure if it is an inner ear issue that has not resolved due to B12 def or it's B12 and adrenal def.

Latley my Symptoms include: numbness and tingling, heat at night in hand and feetDizzines, Extreme Light sensitivity, fatigue, muscle ache, knee pain, panic attacks just looking at different lights, swaying feeling and mental confusion after being in intense environments. My nervous system feels shot...

So my question............ he started me on B12 shots and the first few days I felt a new sense of peace come over me. Some days I feel tired after them anyone else experienced this? Also I feel like my body is really heating up at might and my hands/feet itching more. So I guess my other question is has anyone else exerienced what they thought might be their body healing? an aggravation before things get better? Can the nerve damage heal? Has anyone had many of their symptoms just go away?

I have read many posts on this site. And have been very moved by some of your stories. I can't belive something like this can go so long undiagnosed. My labs a dr would have ignored. You really need to see someone who has experience and knows the true symptoms it seems. I have been dealing with symtoms for 15 years and seen a lot of different dr and alternative practioners

FYI my naturopath told me he does not use the B12 test. He finds it unreliable. He is looking at other things in the blood pannel. And you got to look at those numbers carefully because the normal ranges do not fit everyone.

Thanks for any feedback

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