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Hi Paleface,
I have read about alot of side effects but just wanted to let you know my experience with IV iron infusions. I had 2 infusions a week from March till June of this year, for a total of 24 infusions. They felt like a gift from God. They made such a difference. I had no side effects and did wonderfully well with the infusions. My physician ordered them to run in slowly, over 3 hours, because he said people tended to have less side effects with the slower rate. I worked the entire time but did have to take off 2 afternoons a week to get them. I would use the time to read, or more often, take a nap. I felt better than I had in a couple of years! Even people at work started asking what was up because they could tell I felt so much better. Well, that's my iron IV story. I hope you do as well!
Hi Paleface, I had the IV iron infusions once a week for 9 months last year and it made an amazing difference in my energy levels. I had no bothersome side effects from it at all. I received Venofer IV because my hematologist said that of the iV infusions of iron this one had the lowest incidence of side effects. I only took off the day I had the infusions and I did fine,although I don't travel for my job. Best of luck!!

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