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OK, I know that something is very wrong with me, but I don't have much of a clue *what* might be wrong... Search if you want my full symptom list etc.
I should probably mention my age: I'm 21. From what I understand, hemochromatosis/iron overload can be detected at my age, but it shouldn't cause any problems/symptoms until at least 40 years old... Anyway.
These are my iron/anemia related values (** = out of reference range):

Iron 37 umol/L (9-34) **
Transferrin 2.02 g/L (1.94-3.26)
Iron saturation 72% (15-60%) **
Hemoglobin 158 g/L (130-170)
Erythrocytes (red blood cells) 4.42 10^12/L (4.30-5.70)
Cobalamin (B12) 667 pmol/L (120-700)
Folate 18 nmol/L (>6)
MCHC (Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration) 367 g/L (320-360) **
Edit: Homocysteine 11.1 (normal <15)

Another test, 2006-08 (more than a year old, yes), shows Ferritin as quite low:
Ferritin 33 ug/L (25-310)
Homocysteine 7 (normal <15)
The other values are very similar to the more recent test.

Unfortunately ferritin doesn't seem to have been checked at the most recent test.

Does this indicate anything in particular?
Reason I posted in Anemia is, of course, that people here are more likely to understand iron values. :)

Thanks in advance.
Edit: I added the Homocysteine values. Note that it has increased quite a bit, which seems to be bad... Anyone have a clue why?
Is it possible to have a B12 deficiency despite the high blood values? :confused:

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