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Re: I could cry!
Nov 8, 2007
Christine is quite right in what she says. We can sometimes focus to much on one illness and put every symptom down to it. personally if my ferritin was at your level, id be shouting from the roof tops (lol), but it is difficult when you attribute all your symptoms to anemia.
About 18 month ago, i was seeing my works doctor, who was totally ignorant to the effects of low ferritin, he was adamant my symptoms were that of chronic fatigue syndrome (that he said was proberbly secondary to me being iron deficient - even though id just had a course of iron infusions - and still felt like crap. He recommended taking Q10 ensymes to help boost my energy levels - which of course i ignored as i was convinced (still am) that it was down to being IDA.

Consequently, i spoke to my hematologist, who told me that even though i was having regular infusions and at the time my ferritin had raised (slighty), that it would take a while for the new iron stores to basically 'get to work', he said it could take upto 3months before the benefits of the infusions were felt, so just because your ferritin is up, it can take a while before you start to feel better.

Some people feel better almost straight away, maybe your one of the unlucky ones like me, that just takes that little bit longer.
The main thing is, is that your ferritin HAS improved, which is a very good sign.
If you dont start to feel any better in the next few weeks, then go back and see your doc.
Unfortunately, there is no 'overnight cure' for anemia.
Hope you feel better soon,

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