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My appointment was today and guess what - I lost 75 points on my B12 level in six months.

Dr. said your numbers are good 703 keep going. I was shocked because I knew that I dropped so he looked back and just like I said my number six months prior was 777. Not the right direction. He agreed to let me stay on shots every 2 weeks and keep exercising but to cut back a little. He was surprised that I could really feel the difference. Proves the point that until you have gone thru it yourshelf you just really can't fully understand just what each of us is going thru. Thankfully we have each other and this web site.

So the answer is YES, exercise does make a difference. I will continue the injections every two weeks but I intend to cut back a little on the exercise in hopes to find a happy balance between the two. Now I know why the tingles and vertigo have been coming back.

And for those of you who suffered weight gain - good news 13lbs gone in six months.

Good luck to you all.
Thank you IamUnique. Have not received my test results yet, probably due to the holiday. Can you please tell me what level (number) you feel best at?? I am getting from the doctors that since my level is 700 after my shot I am imagining the symptoms I am having. (breathless,palpitations,severe fatigue, joint pain) I think that I feel best when my B12 is over 1000. Has this happened to you and what is a good B12 level. I am afraid that they will not prescribe anymore B12, but I do feel better after taking it.

Thanks for the information

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