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My hair has recently just started to fall out in clumps. It's getting to the point that I'm terrified of brushing my hair after a shower because so much of it falls out. I have several very noticable bald spots all over my head. My sister was diagnosed with having anemia years ago, and she told me that hair loss is a symptom. After researching it a bit I seen that I have basically every other symptom as well. I feel dizzy after getting up from sitting and always lighteaded. If I walk quickly up the stairs my vision gets blurry .. almost as if I'm about to pass out. My brain is foggy and it's difficult to focus or think correctly. And I have absolutely NO energy to do anything. That's the one that interferes with my life the most. I stopped going to school because I'm always so worn out, and since I don't do much all day you would think I would have MORE energy, but it's the complete opposite. I just feel so crappy. I don't eat very well or very often, but that's only because I have no appetite. So I'm just looking for advice, do you think I have symptoms of anemia? I have a doctors appointment for this Friday so we'll see what she says. Also, my sister told me that her doctor gave her iron tablets that did absolutely nothing for her. I seen that some of you talk about injections .. do they work better than the tablets? Sorry for all the questions! :)

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