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Re: Could it be?
Nov 9, 2007
What you have described can most definitely be attributed to anemia/low ferretin, but don't discount the fact that some illnesses can have similar symptoms eg: a number of people on the boards suffer from both thyroid and low iron disorders.

It's good that you are getting your menstrual situation checked out as constant bleeding is unpleasant and can deplete your iron stores. I had the same problem and opted for a herbal mix from a naturopath. The herbs have helped, but when i tried to get off them i'd end up with a bit of irregular spotting so now i'm back on them. Nobody can find a reason why i had the irregular bleeding in the first place, but they could only offer the birth control pill, which i refused to take as it only gave me even more side effects.

The specialist i'm seeing about my iron did certain hormone tests and it showed that my hormones are out of balance. He feels i'm having problems fixing the situation due to being low in iron for so long and then we found out i was very low in vitamin D and iodine and moderately low in zinc and my thyroid figures were not the best either. He feels once all my figures get corrected that my hormonal situation will improve on its own.

In my case i noticed changes with my menstrual cycle after taking fertility drugs when i was trying to conceive.

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