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I have had a doc monitoring my ferritin levels for the last year as they were very low, about 8 when we started. I've been taking iron suppliments and the ferritin levels have slowed creeped up and reached 53. During this time all CBC's were normal, though often low in range.

A few weeks ago I had surgery and a CBC was run before hand. I believe this means I'm anemic, but I'm asking for your oppinion. I've also listed the other H and L results. I was thinking that low RBC, Hemo, & Hemocrit are the factors that determine if you're anemic? Is that right?

WBC count 7.3 (4.0 - 11.0)
RBC count 3/6 (4.0 - 5.5)
Hemo 10.7 (12.0 - 16.0)
Hemocrit 31 (37.0 - 47.0)

Neutrophil % = 94% (42.0 - 66.0)
Lymphocyte % = 6% (24.0 - 44.0)
Eosinophil % = .0 (1.0 - 4.0)

Lymphocyte absoute count .44 (1.0 - 4.8)
Eosinophil absoulte count .00 (.04 - .40)

I have had a sinus infection for a month that has not responded to 3 days of IV anti-biotics while in the hospital post-op from surgery, 10 days of Levequin, 10 days of Cipro. This has never happened to me before in terms of not being able to fight off an infection.

I've also noticed over the last 2-3 months that bug bites, nicks from shaving, etc. are not completely healing. Also not normal.

I also am getting little pin pricks of blood, type spots on my skin in my chest and stomach.

I am so dead tired that I literally can't function. Can't work, but already on a med leave for the surgery, can't maintain household - mom has moved in to help me.

I'm scared I could have something like Leukemia.

I already had a colonoscopy, endo scope, and B-12, Folate acid, Celiacs disease have all been negative.

Any suggestions of things to check for when I see the doc?

:) Gina

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