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I have had low iron issues for a few years now. I am taking Slow FE, which helped pull up my iron. After I moved to Charlotte this year, I did not have a doctor here, so I quit taking my iron.

I am back down on my iron again and have started taking Slow FE again. I recently had a blood test and here are my results (I listed everything on my sheet they sent to me):

Total cholesterol: 177, should be <200
LDL (Bad) cholesterol 95, should be <130
HDL (Good) cholesterol 31, should be greater than 40 (the higher, the better)
Triglycerides 254, should be less than 150

Hemoglobin is 10.1

Low iron level and low iron storage levels

Blood sugar is borderline at 116

Should I be eating iron rich foods? Taking additional supplements? Should I ask for an iron injection?

My low iron levels are caused by hemmhroids (not sure if I will get them fixed or not, nothing but bad stories on this board abotu them), so I will battle low iron for some time to come.

Any other ideas or strategies that will help me?


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