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doglover--First of all in my opinion, and this is only my take on things. I think that the Slow Fe is way too low of a dose of iron to be taking, IF your iron and stores are low as you stated and with a 10.1 hgb you are considered to be a grade 1-~mild anemia~. The optimal male reading is 16 and normal is 14-18. The good thing about that is, you can get your numbers up fairly soon IF you take in more iron than you are losing. You don't say what your stores are that would be your Ferritin number.

I'm taking Poly iron 150 mgs 2X daily to fill my stores, I am no longer anemic :). That gives me 300mgs daily and my Ferritin was 20 the last time they checked a couple months ago. This is available at the pharmacy but I think you have to ask for it. Mine was a script for a year of 2X daily due to a 2 Ferritin at the time. It is GI friendly and you don't have to take vitamin C with it. My friend was told last week by a specialist that it takes 3 daily to fill your stores or it will take you a year to do so. Well, January will be a year for me and I don't think I'm anywhere near full, but I can tell by the way that I feel that it is going up.

You should be eating iron rich foods. Not organ meats that will make your Triglycerides go up anymore:). But a small amount of red meat 3X a week along with iron rich foods. A good multivitamin and mineral to rebuild new red blood cells is also important.

Iron injections and IV are for people that have a really low Ferritin and can't absorb the iron through supplements. That's usually what the doc goes by but SOME will give it with only low Ferritin.

As for the hemorrhoids you probably know you need to be on a high fiber diet this will also help with your iron intake. Have you had a GI workup to make sure there is no internal bleeding? Do you know what grade your H's are? They must be really bad to cause you to become anemic or for a very long time.

You can look up food lists on the net (i.e., iron rich food search) and learn about some of the foods that stop the absorption of iron for example cereal total 100% iron daily value but if you add milk (you blow it), it stops the absorption. Also, drinking tea with meals and so on.........there is a lot of info on this if you search. Good luck to you and I hope you get your numbers up before you feel really bad. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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