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Re: SO fed up!
Nov 21, 2007
Linds--I understand your frustration completely. This has been the worst time in my life I can't imagine how you must feel. A 5 Ferritin needs a follow up and not in 6 months. I guess you all have a real hard time in England. I didn't know that it was so hard there with the docs. I guess because it's free healthcare, right? So are you anemic also? I was like you with a 2 Ferritin and my hair fell out really bad, it was everywhere. No bald spots though just thinning areas. After I think it was 8 months time my Ferritin went to a 20 and it stopped falling out like crazy and now just a little shedding is going on. My hair has been doing that for about 20 years and I thought it was normal LOL. I get my Ferritin checked again in January and I'm getting worried about the Ferritin level it's so slow.

I say if they felt like us they would give you the IV STAT! If you don't have bad reactions to the IV you should make them give it to you. Why can't the doc that you work for fix that for you? When you work for one they usually help you out with stuff like that. Don't stop looking for help until you are satisified. We shouldn't have to suffer so long with this.

Ferris Sulfate sent me to the hospital and caused me to be ill for many months, the doctors thought that I couldn't take iron at all. But it was just a reaction to the FS. Now I take 300mgs of elemental iron per day and I don't feel a thing other than better.

That doc sounds like a real winner. How on earth can you get enough iron through your diet with a 5 Ferritin??????? Vent all you want, were here for that too! I hope you get your numbers up and feel better soon. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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