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Re: SO fed up!
Dec 17, 2007
Linds--Sorry your still feeling poorly. Have you ever tried a script iron? I don't remember if you've tried that yet. It makes such a difference in getting what you need and is so much better tolerated on the system.

Fixing the problem will help a lot if that is the reason for your low ferritin. I remained anemic until I had the ablation then it got so much better. I wish that I would have had it sooo many years ago. What a blessing, although I still feel really bad when I have a period, it's crazy. I thought that I always felt bad because of the bleeding, but that's not the case at all. It really was an easy treatment, don't worry about that.

I am actually still getting better everyday. Finally, the extreme fatigue is going away, I think, I won't actually know until it doesn't come back LOL. That's how this whole thing has gone for me with all the many, many, symptoms that I've had. If it doesn't repeat soon then it's probably on it's way out. Sometimes, I don't even realize until days or even weeks later that a symptom is gone.

My son hasn't had his first scan. We are STILL waiting for the doc to call him. I can't believe it, I guess that we hit the bottom of his list now. However, we would still like answers to the questions that we called in with. They really infuriate me to no end. Oh, and I do spoil him everyday. Now I really appreciate doing it so very much. Now that I know what the results could have been and someday may be, it's frightening. I hope your family member is doing better or as well as he can be.

Keep us posted on your progress. Be well. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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