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Re: SO fed up!
Nov 26, 2007
Hi Audrey,

I fully understand where your coming from with the hair situation, its so depressing. Like you i have had a lot of personal problems, when i first consulted my doctor, years ago when my hair started coming out, i was told it was down to chronic anxiety - as you can imagine, that made me feel worse, as i felt i'd somehow inflicted my hairloss upon my self, it sent me to a dark place for quite a while. I used to post on the anxiety board, but gave up as i felt i was developing everyone else symptoms, when i could hardly cope with my own - feel safer on the anemia board (lol).

It took a new gp at my then practice to do bloods, and lo and behold, my ferritin was <2 and my hb was a the low end of normal, i cant tell you what a relief it was to have a diagnosis other than a 'label', it still grates my to this day, that the doctors never took me seriously, even though id been anemic in my late teens-early twenties - they just decided i was an anxious person and all my symptoms were down to anxiety/depression - im now older and wiser and would urge anyone out there to insist on further investigations if they are suffering from unexplained symptoms. Ive come to the conclusion that doctors are like politicians, they dont always agree with each other and they seem to think they know whats best for us, sometimes they get things wrong. Over the last few weeks my faith in them has somewhat declined.

Im going to speak with a pharmacist for some advice on iron preps, as they seem to know more than some doctors do on what is wise for one to try, and they seem to have more insight into side effects and interactions.

Interesting about the beetroot, although i cannot stand the stuff (brings back childhood memories - urgh), but hey if its working for you, keep at it. I agree on the ginger though, it does help aid digestion.

Its nice to know im not alone,

Thanks for your reply,
ps, get them bloods done sooner rather than later, i put off having mine done for longer than i should - to my cost!

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