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Re: SO fed up!
Nov 25, 2007
Hi lindsalou.......i can totally understand your frustration with doctors and you hear that quite often from people on this board. You would think that something as simple as iron deficiency would be a simple thing for them to help us with, but obviously not. It makes me wonder just how reliable these same dr's would be with a more serious illness!!

If traditional iron supplements make you ill, there are other forms of iron which can be taken with no/lesser side effects. GP's should know which iron supplements do what and which ones are better to take. The iron supplement i'm on was making me ill, but i'm now taking addition Iron Phosphate tablets after the actual supplement. The iron phosphate stop any reactions from the actual iron supplement and it's something people with other illnesses who are low in iron but cant take the traditional iron supplements end up taking. Perhaps you can ask a chemist or doctor about iron phosphate.

I also have the hair thinning and its so frustrating. Prior to finding out about the iron-hair loss connection i did have a lot of personal problems that i was going through and then when i started shedding continously it felt like the last blow i could have been dealt . Then i visited a Trichologist who deals in hair/scalp conditions and after he saw me ferretin levels and other blood test results he said it's hair loss due to my iron. I was so happy to find someone who knew there stuff, but never realised what a LONG road it was going to be to get those ferretin numbers up. Sometimes it has depressed me and i've actually stayed away from even the healthboard recently as i felt my hair/iron was on my mind 24/7. Now i'm feeling a bit more positive about it and will be going for a new blood test in either Dec or Jan.

On a sidenote, am not sure whether this is simply coincidence or not, but each time i start juicing fresh beetroot and consuming that daily i actually start to notice that i begin feeling better. Problem is that some weeks i either get lazy or dont have time or forget to buy the beetroot :) I juice beetroot, apple, orange, carrot and a tiny bit of ginger. I read recently that the ginger helps digestion and helps the body to better absorb vitamins and minerals. You might want to add fresh beetroot to your diet as a drink or grate it into salads.

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