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hi, i'm new to this thread but like you have many questions. i too have a low ferretin of 8. my hair had been falling out for years and i blamed it first on having a child 4 years ago but as it got worse and more noticable i had blood work drawn. all my numbers were great except for my ferretin. an 8, i couldn't believe it but wore i didn't know what ferretin was or how to fix this problem. hair loss, not so much fatigue but anxiety. a heaviness in my chest which i thought was from perimenopause. found out my hormones were even fine and all these symptoms must be from my low ferretin. i am now taking an iron supplement along with trying to eat food higher in iron. so far all that i've seen in a month is an increase on my scale. i've gained 4 pounds from all this high iron foods i've been eating. my hair is still falling out not that i expected a quick fix but in a month i was hoping for a little something. i need help too if anyone would like to help me since all my doctor did was prescribe a pill and send me on my way.
lisafu - welcome to the boards and hope you find lots of info on here to help you out :)

My ferretin was at an 8 when they discovered my low iron. I always put my tiredness down to a hectic job, but couldn't work out why my hair was constantly shedding more than it ought to have been. After further blood tests i found out my iodine and vitamin D were both extremely low. My thyroid was in the area of what most doctors would class as normal and not an issue as my results came back within range. I spent ages focusing solely on my iron.

After my iron picked up, but a lot of the other symptoms stayed and we did further testing it was found out i was gluten intolerant as well as actually having a thyroid condition called Hashimoto's.

By all means your ferretin needs to be raised and to a much higher level than what your average gp finds acceptable. Even after your ferretin gets up high it will still take 3 - 6 months and even a year for some to see proper hair growth cycle. If your ferretin gets up high and you are still losing hair at a high rate then it's time to look into other things eg: thyroid, could your birth control pills be causing the problem, or perhaps some other issue.

All the very best and keep us posted :)

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