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When my ferretin was 8 i could have slept night and day and just getting up in the morning to eat breakfast would tire me and i would have to lay down to get some energy so that i could get dressed. I also had no motivation, felt depressed and had been suffering hair loss for a few years prior. When i looked at old blood test results i found that my ferretin had been getting lower and lower each year.

The doctor i ended up seeing this year did further tests and found my thyroid had been affected to some degree by years of low iron, my vitamin D was very low as was my Iodine and my zinc was also low but not extremely low.

Now that my ferretin has improved, so has my thyroid and i'm taking supplements for the vitamin D and iodine as well as continously taking iron supplements. I know my hair wont stop shedding until my ferretin gets much higher, some doctors say it has to get to 70, while others say over 40. I noticed my energy levels really improve and take off to the point i can do some exercise when it got over 30.

At the end of the day every person is an individual and will be affected differently, some will become energetic when their ferretin hits 20 and others will need a higher figure. Some people get hair shedding, while others dont. You also have to remember that certain symptoms are shared by other health problems. Symptoms of low iron and those of thyroid conditions are very similar so your doctor should check everything thoroughly.
I originally went to see my doctor about low energy, irritability, some weight gain and sleepness bordering on exhaustion and depression. Turns out I had low Vit D (19) and low Ferritin (7). I went on Vit D supplements and Slow FE and after 6 weeks got my Vit D up to 48 (good level) and Ferritin to only 15. I know it takes a while to get iron levels back up, but what concerns me is the drop in the Iron Saturation Level from 34% to 20%.

My doctor suggested taking provera for heavy periods, but honestly I've always had heavy periods and really don't want to take the provera because I already have some winter weight gain that I am trying to get rid of and don't want to add to it by taking the provera (one of the common side effects). I also think I have SAD, but can't get my doctor to take me too seriously about that (she just suggested going outside everyday for an hour which is tough to do with 3 little kids at home and drink more caffeine). After doing a lot of reading I began light therapy and have noticed improvement in my mood and energy levels already. I don't want to negate all that by taking provera as she prescribed which may make me feel like I am going through PMS for 10 days instead of just a couple.

Anyway, after doing a little reading last night I discovered things about low iron that I didn't realize.
"If both saturation and ferritin are extremely low, you must discover why. Low iron is a signal that iron is being used by cancer cells or is feeding bacteria, or usually it means there is chronic daily blood loss. The bleeding could be from an ulcer or tumor, etc. The source must be found."

So, a couple of questions:
1) Does anyone have any opinion or insight on a decreased iron saturation level?
2) Has anyone tried provera for heavy periods with positive results?
3) Has anyone tried something else for heavy periods that worked well?
4) Has anyone gone through testing to get a definite answer to the low iron levels? Or is it just assumed that a female with low iron is due to heavy periods?

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