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There are so many.

Low iron and iron deficiency anemia are related but not the same. If you are to the point of actual anemia, you symptoms are going to be more pronounced.

For me, I had lots of fatigue. And it wasn't the kind of fatigue where I felt sleepy, it was a physical fatigue. I could no longer do my 3 mile walk. I could actually hardly do a mile. When I did do any exercise, instead of being worn out for a few hours, it would take me DAYS to recover. So I quit exercising.

I noticed that whenever I went up stairs or if I had to walk up a hill, I would get a REALLY rapid pulse and get short of breath.

Other more subtle symptoms for feeling a lot of anxiety. I also seemed to have a problem keeping my weight up but I still don't know if the anemia/iron deficiency was responsible for that. Now that my iron is on the way up, I have packed on 10 lbs.

As I got out of the anemia stage, I had the same symptoms but to a much lesser degree. My iron numbers are still on the low side and I still don't feel quite right, but it's really hard to describe.

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