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My treating doctor also says 70+ ug/L and that is his goal for me and if possible 125-150 ug/L. The reason for these figures is based on studies done by Dr Hugh Rushton (based in Harley St, London) who has confirmed that ferretin is required to be 70+ and maintained at that level, or higher, for at least 3 months to effect a significant decrease in telogen shedding rate and also for hair in the growing (anagen) phase to be restored to normal ratio.

The other reason for higher ferretin levels being much better for you is also backed up by a Dr John Lee, who is Australia's leading thyroid researcher. In 2006 he confirmed that ferretin levels are required to be 125 - 150 ug/L to promote sufficient 'quality' cellular energy output (termed ATP) for 'optimal' metabolic and liver detoxification functioning. Metabolic activity and phase 2 liver detoxification pathways are ATP dependant.

I think basically these doctors, through research, have come to the conclusion that the higher the ferretin the better our bodies run and the better our organs etc work. Sort of like a fine tuned car, if all the fluids, oils and bits and pieces are in optimum condition then the car runs more efficiently, less breakdowns which saves you money. Well that's my analogy :)

The other points were that people with low iron also seemed to be low in other vitmains and minerals and if those vitamin/mineral defficiencies were not addressed then attempting to raise the iron levels would be difficult.

You are also supposed to take a complex amino acid (Lysine) along with the iron as amino acids promote the transportation and utilisation of iron in the body, amino acids are also essential for ATP (as mentioned above) production and as hair is 97% protien amino acids are necessary as they are the building blocks of protien.

Taking too much B12, vitmains D & E, minerals zinc, calcium, copper or chromium antagonise the absorption of iron and can contribute to iron deficiency, but a deficiency of copper does hinder the deployment of iron by the red blood cells which results in the iron being accumulated within the organs of the body, but not available for use.

Now see that gets do you know you are not taking too much of something, yet you are taking sufficient of it? I suppose they mean prior to going crazy with a vitamin or mineral get a blood test first to see just how deficient you are in it.

Apparently hair is a non-essential tissue for nutrient supply so it is often the first casualty and gives signs of an internal disturbance, but it's also the last to recover. When the hair does recover you would firstly notice a reduced fall out rate, followed later by a prolonged growth phase of the new hair.

I guess it all makes sense, but getting to 70 is going to be difficult, let alone any figure above 70. Well i'm in a more positive frame of mind recently so i'm not giving up. I did feel depressed and like giving up on all this about a month ago, but what's the point. Might as well fight it all the way :)

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