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Hello. First time poster......I have a few questions I'd like to put out there for anyone who could answer.......
I am a hard working, health conscious, good eating 35 year old woman and have been feeling like complete garbage for about 3 years. It got to a point that I could not live a normal life. I was EXHAUSTED all the time, always out of breath, had no energy, chronically constipated, hair falling out in clumps, depressed, had debilitating brain fog, always weak, severely heavy periods and passed large 3 and 4 inch clots, and had no interest in my the activities I normally loved.
I went to so many doctors over the past few years, and they would tell me I was fine, slightly anemic, with my hemoglobin ranging from 10 - 10.5, so I would take iron for a few months, and never feel any better. They only prescribed me birth control for the periods and then even suggested it was mental and gave me prozac, which I did not take because I knew deep down it was PHYSICAL, I was not depresed, just sick. I got to a point that I had no life any longer..It took all the energy I had to go to work, then I would come home and lay on my couch and fall asleep.
Then I got to a point where I HAD IT !!!! I wanted my life back . I had gone to so many dr's (gyno, gp, gastro, nuerologist) and I finally made an appointment with a decent endocronologist who took the time to sit down and talk to me and really listened. He took 7 vials worth of blood. He tested for things other than the standard CBC and basic TSH that other doctors tested for. The results showed that I was anemic, Hemoglobin level of 8.9, and my ferritin level was 2. My 'sedementation' TIBC rate was 3 ???? (IF that sounds right). Additionally, when my T3 / T4 was checked, I showed to have levels that were off, indicating a thyroid problem. This was 2 weeks ago.

He prescribed me Trinsicon , which is an iron / B12 supplement with intrinsic factor (what that is, I have no idea) and Armour thyroid. And I have lived the best 2 weeks of my life. I feel energetic, I can think again, I am motivated, I am able to walk up the stairs without almost passing out..... I feel like I woke up out of a 3 year nap..........I feel like I have my life back !!!!!

So here are my questions, for anyone who knows medical information....... Could my periods alone have caused my iron to go down to a 2 ??? Could there be other causes ? How come doctors didn't previously test my ferritin ? How long will it take to get my ferritin levels back up ? Did anyone ever hear of Trinsicon , and what is intrinsic factor? Do ferritin levels that low require me to get iron infusions intrevenously ? Should I ask the doctor to give me iron infusions ? I have lost so much hair.........when will it grow back ? And most importantly, how long will it take for my ferritin levels to get to normal ?

The lesson I have learned from all of this is that we need to manage our OWN healtcare......... Most doctors only prescribe the basic blood tests, and do not bother to listen .........They are so quick to assume it is mental and your are a hypochondriac........ I blame the loss of the pasta 2 years of my life on doctors that did not listen . So, if anyone has any answers, I'd really love to hear......

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