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Hi Tina,
Glad you are feeling better. Yes you need to rule out all possible cause of your low ferritin and hgb levels. Your period could be a cause, but also your thyroid. Your TSH should be below 3, that is the new standard. But you may need to be around 1 TSH from what I hear for you to feel really well. Have your cholesterol also checked. People who are hypo also have high cholesterol levels.
My hgb and ferritin was almost like your almost three years ago. I have since then been getting IV iron. I was given a shot, can't remember what to jump start my hgb the first time. Your hair lost can be caused by both thyroid and ferritin levels being low. Your ferritin should be around 70 for healthy hair. And yes, once all your levels are back to normal, your hair will grow back.
You may need to go to a gastrologist to make sure you do not have problems there. I had 15 ulcers caused by H-plyori bacteria which explained some of my blood lost. Also, I still get very heavy periods. All my doctors suggested that I get a hysterectomy. But I rather not do that unless it is the last resort. I am nearing menopause, but you are not even close by your age.
I do not know why most GP do not take ferritin levels seriously. They think as long as you are in the normal range, things are ok. But they are not if you are having symptoms.
Like is said, I have been battling low ferritin and thyroid problems for almost three years. So, if you need any advice about treatments, I can try to answer your questions. My hematologist tries to keep my ferritin level above 50 so that I do not become anemic.
If you could post your lab results with the labs ranges, that way others can give you more informations.
Sorry that I can not anwer your question about your meds. I do know lots of people get better results on Armor than Synthyroid. Do you have Hasimato's thyroid diease. You should know by your TPO test results.
Hang in there, the road to recovery will be long.

He prescribed me Trinsicon , which is an iron / B12 supplement with intrinsic factor (what that is, I have no idea) and Armour thyroid.

[B]Intrinsic factor is a protein in the stomach that is necessary for absorption of B12.[/B]

Could my periods alone have caused my iron to go down to a 2 ??? Could there be other causes ?

[B]In my case the doctors say that it WAS my heavy periods that caused my Ferritin to go to 2 and my Hgb to 8.6. I had an ablation and also had 7 polyps removed at that time.[/B]

How come doctors didn't previously test my ferritin ?

[B]It;s just something that MANY doctors do not do i guess because it is not standard but should be. I think they are too fast or uneducated but surely they do know about Ferritin.:confused:[/B]

How long will it take to get my ferritin levels back up ?

[B]On iron supplements, the right amount of high dose iron, up to a year.:([/B]

Did anyone ever hear of Trinsicon , and what is intrinsic factor?

[B]Never heard of Trinsicon but it may be a generic of something more common. Intrinsic factor is naturally present in the stomach but some people are lacking this and it leads to a B-12 deficiency.[/B]

Do ferritin levels that low require me to get iron infusions intrevenously ?

[B]That is up to your doctor, they are all different. They were going to infuse me but changed their minds when I showed that my Hgb was going up ever so slowly. As long as you respond well to supplements they usually don't infuse you.[/B]

Should I ask the doctor to give me iron infusions ?

[B]I would not but that is my opinion. It can be risky and side effects are not so nice for many people. Some people have little or no problems with it. I would use the search box at the top of the page and read other/many posts on this subject.[/B]

I have lost so much hair.........when will it grow back ?

[B]That is also different for everyone. When I reached a 20 Ferritin my hair slowed down and went back to normal lightly shedding, like for the last I don't know how many years.[/B]

And most importantly, how long will it take for my ferritin levels to get to normal ?

[B]Up to a year.:mad:[/B]

The lesson I have learned from all of this is that we need to manage our OWN healtcare......... Most doctors only prescribe the basic blood tests, and do not bother to listen .........They are so quick to assume it is mental and your are a hypochondriac........ I blame the loss of the pasta 2 years of my life on doctors that did not listen . So, if anyone has any answers, I'd really love to hear......

[B]It sounds like you have joined the club. You are so right in saying that we have to manage our own care, you can't count on anyone else to care about you more than yourself!:angel:[/B]

If I were you I would have started the iron seperate from the thyroid meds to see how you react to each one. It helps to know how your body is responding. You must really feel good with both meds, I can imagine. I remember when I started my thyroid meds. I felt wonderful like a new person. And for the first time in a long time I didn't have brain fog. Glad that you are feeling so well. Keep us posted! FLFLOWERGIRL:)


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