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The anemia can definitely be causing your inability to put on weight, especially if you have ruled out other possible illnesses. Long term low iron can cause some people's thyroid to not function correctly and one of the symptoms of hyperthyroid can be weight loss or inability to put on weight whilst hypothyroid tends to make people put on weight around their middle section only. That's why you would want to rule out all other illnesses as low iron/anemia side effects can be similar to other illnesses.

It's often found that people with low iron are low in other vitamins and minerals. I have had to take a few other supplements along with my iron supplement. That is why a thorough blood test is good so you can see where you stand with other things, not just your ferretin.

It makes it difficult when most doctors simply say "you need to take iron" and they dont explain the difference between the various types of iron out there, their possible side effects (eg: irritable bowel) and how much to take. Most over the counter supplements are not of a high enough dosage for people who are anemic or extremely low in iron. My ferretin got down to an 8 and i was buying a liquid iron supplement (found this to be easier on my tummy and iron pills were causing constipation), but the dosage was inadequate and i found out later i could quite easily have tripled the dosage without overdosing. It's something you might want to discuss with your doctor or even a pharmacist as they are often more helpful then your average gp.

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