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This is a follow up to my colonoscopy saga. While everything was ok- the doc did note small hems. I mentioned this on the board and several said that their doc said -small hems could have been caused by the prep. The prep was really hard on my bum. I think some said no big deal. Well, I never had any issue before that I was aware of and now--there is some discomfort there that I didn't have before. This has gone on now for a few weeks. Do you folks think this will straighten out with time? Should I make an appt with the gastro who did the colonoscopy? Does something need to be done??This is all new to me and I don't know what to do.
Osteo--Sometimes when things get flared up, it takes time to heal because it is constantly being irritated. I think that if you try an OTC medicine you should be fine, and increase your fiber if necessary. If that doesn't work you can get a script from your doc for something that will heal much better than OTC. You can always call them and see if they can prescribe something without you going in. Try not to lift heavy objects and refrain from straining. Good luck. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Thanks flowergirl- I guess I will call the doc. I just sort of wanted this to go away but it's not.
I agree with FLFLOWERGIRL.

It seems that once you get a hem, they don't ever really go away. Once they flare up, it takes a LONG time to get them to "unflare" because you, unfortunately, have to keep going to the bathroom and everytime you do they get irritated.

There are two things: you can get some OTC Prep H. Use that and use the Prep Wipes when you are away from home. You can also buy some of the Charmin/Cottonelle wipes that I recommended for the colonoscopy. Use them for 2 weeks.

If that doesn't work, there is a prescription suppository that you use once a day to soothe the area. It is a hydrocortisone type thing. It is good for hems and fissures. Which brings up that you might have a fissure also. They seem to be harder to heal than the hems. But the treatment seems to be the same.
THings i've done for my Fissures so far;
Botox injection
Lidocaine ointment
Nitro-bid ointment

Ande just yeterday i did the surgery. I don't wanna say anything more, affraid to jinx ma self.If u guys going to do surgery make sure u chose the right Doc. Also HYdrocortison dosn'r heal fissures. only helps with hemrroids
Thanks for the FYI but no fissures here! I can't imagine Botox injections in that area, how did that go for you? Hope you get good results from your recent surgery. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Several years ago, I got into an insidious pattern with fissures. I went to a doctor for it and he told me to use Cortisone 10% strength. It did the trick and I recall it took a few weeks of using it at least twice a day. I would give it a try for 7 days and if you see absolutely no improvement, get something stronger from a doctor.

I also recommend the wipes with aloe vera in them. They are very comforting. I use a brand made for babies, even when things are okay "back there". My mom and her "peeps" on the farm in South Dakota swear by aloe straight off the plant, but I used it twice and got a yeast infection both times. The wipes are great. Tucks are good too.

I am assuming since you are on the anemia board, that you are keeping the constipation potentially caused by some iron supplements under control. That would be important. Maybe use a stool softener until you get past this.
Hi Osteo, how are things now? The others are correct in saying that it would take longer for things to get back to normal down there as that area constantly has something happening and isn't given a chance to heal in peace.

Hoping you feel better now :)

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