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[QUOTE=lovetovent;3362613]I guess I could try to get a copy of the bloodwork..however I just take it what the doctor says is correct?? Also I seem to see a common theme to the replies...does it seem to be that if you have low iron you have more of a tendency to get depression?? Or are prescribed anti-depressants?? I just stopped taking mine, can't handle the side effects and I felt it was making me more anxious and light headed then when i wasnt on any medication. So, I feel as if I must realise this feeling is a daily event as no doctors or test results are helping me at all....[/QUOTE]

I think that having anemia makes one horribly depressed or anxious (depends on which way YOU go). For me, it was terrible anxiety. I think it's horrible the way doctors throw the antidepressants around. I think if they'd just try to treat the underlying cause (anemia and low iron) they wouldn't have to resort to the other drugs. In fact, I'm not sure that the antidepressents are really going to help if you don't get the iron issue fixed. And those meds give me TERRIBLE side effects. I refuse to even try them anymore.

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