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I agree, doctors are funny!! but nobody is laughing. A girl at my work began suffering a variety of weird symptoms and one of them was IBS. She ended up linking it to coffee. The next symptom was extreme tiredness, especially when driving home from work. She was virtually falling asleep at the wheel and her eyes would actually close and she had a couple of near misses accident-wise. Then she began drinking a can of "V" every afternoon until i hounded her into seeing her doctor. It ended up that her ferretin is very low, but her doctor only wants her to take iron tablets during the days she has her period. I was astounded. I told her if she is only going to take them for the few days she has her period then she might as well not take them at all. She said that her doctor does not believe in any supplements of any sort and that her chronic tiredness and light headedness was due to depression and now wants her to go on antidepressants!!!

This girl has no stress in her life and she is most definitely not depressed and i personally think it's due to the very low ferretin and she is also on birth control pills. One of the birth control pills i was on once had me so emotionally down and virtually crying all the time and wishing my life was over. Once i stopped taking them i was fine. Also the fact that BCP's affect your vitamin B's and that would make you tired if not taking a multiB supplement.

Going back to IBS, it's not always stress related......i had it for quite a few months over 10 years ago and mine was linked to a huge build up of candida in my gut due to long term antibiotics, until i got my tonsils out as an adult. Once that was all cleared up i was fine. The thing is, IBS can be related to so many different things and the thing to do is pinpoint what is causing your IBS. As long as you have IBS your body is not absorbing sufficient vitamins/minerals from the foods you eat, it's just going down the toilet.

If you are worried about iron supplements and upset stomach, then iron phosphate tablets taken directly after your iron supplement is the best thing to do. I'm on them now as my supplement was making me sick constantly. Liquid iron is often better than oral iron tablets as it doesnt seem to constipate.

Unfortunately at the end of the day you have to more or less become your own doctor. I'm not saying not to visit a doctor, but in addition speaking to people on healthboards and doing your own research can be extremely helpful.

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