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Hi FLFLOWERGIRL, thank you for replying!! Yeah, at first ... when I first started feeling the energy .... I was so excited so I would do stuff like all day long! I noticed when I did this .... the next like 1 or 2 days or so afterwards I would be tired with no energy. I then thought to myself .... ok, maybe I am doing too much, so I would try not to do so much when I would get these energy bursts. I was doing and feeling really good by doing that stuff .... up until like 5-6 days ago. But now every single day for those past 5-6 days I am feeling like crap! I like it better when I have the energy and feel good! I am wondering if it is the B12 or the Iron that makes me feel this way or if it's both combined? I am already taking 1000 mcg's of B12 a day ..... but maybe I should take two SlowFe tablets a day?? Would that be safe for me to do or try?

Yeah, I know from reading on here that we should rest more when we feel this way. I have been .... but it's not helping and it's bumming me! We have been eating a lot better since we found out about my low b12 and low ferritin. We eat red meat at least 4 times a week and green veggies everytime we eat the red meat. With doing that, it did bring my B12 up a good bit without being on the supplements .... now that I am still doing that plus taking the B12, I am hoping that is rising a lot more! Maybe its the Ferritin thats making me feel this way now with getting periods and stuff? Ohhh, I've also had problems with bleeding gums for the past year. That had gone away after a couple of weeks of taking these B12 and Iron pills. Well, what happened last night when I brushed my teeth?? BLEEDING GUMS! I was like darnnnnnn it, it was going away!! Now it's back.

Hrrrmm, what do you think if I take two Slow Fe's a day? Think that would be safe? Maybe that's what my problem is, maybe I need more Iron? Although the light-headedness is B12 related right? Or is that Low Ferritin related too? I am not sure if my Family Doc. will run more blood tests on me or not. I am supposed to get my B12 and Ferritin level re-checked in 5 months. I could pay for it myself ... just to see what it is, but I don't wanna lose too much blood ya know? Like what if I order these tests myself, and then my Ferritin goes down even more from them drawing blood? I am weird like that LOL. I think, if I get blood drawn now ..... that might take away everything I have been putting into this trying to get better ya know?? If I do a CBC and B12 and Ferritin myself ..... I wonder how much blood that would total. Uggghhh this stinks! I tried telling my hubby that I am feeling like I was .... and he just doesn't understand!! You all here understand cause you all go through the same things, so I am glad you all are here to offer help and suggestions!

P.S. Speaking of my hubby, he had a CBC done recently too because he changed doctors. Aren't guys Hemaglobins supposed to be on the higher end?? His was kinda low I thought. Still in the normal ranges, but I thought it was low for a guy. He has been saying he is tired lately, but the Doctor thinks it's due to his sleep apnea and want him to do another sleep study, although I am wondering if maybe his Iron stuff is on the low side for a guy and makiing him tired??
Thank you so much FLFLOWERGIRL! Yeah the Hematologist wanted me to take I think it was 325 mg's of the Ferrous Sulfate per day?? Not sure if I spelled that right, but then I was talking on here and I remember someone said that the Slow Fe is pretty close to the actual 325 mg's of Ferrous Sulfate .... as far as actual Iron you are getting. So, since they were pretty close in what the Doctor wanted me to take, I have been just taking those. I was just wondering if I could take 2 Slow Fe's per day, like one in the morning and one at night and see if that helps.

About the bleeding gums thing .... the Dentist said that I have some gingivitis, and so I have been on a prescription tooth paste and also the Sonicare tooth brush for over a year now. I did however read somewhere .... after I found out that I had the Low B12 and Low Ferritin, that one of those deficiencies can cause bleeding gums. I cannot remember which it was .... I'll have to research it to find it again. But yeah ... the bleeding gums had stopped a couple weeks after starting the B12 and Iron pills, then last night it started again. Then I was laying in bed ..... and piecing everything together, I was like ... ok, I have been feeling bad again for this many days, my gums are bleeding again, what the heck??

Thanks on telling me the blood thing .... I know they usually take anywhere from 2-4 tubes of blood per testing .... so, I didn't wanna loose a lot and feel like I will mess up what I have been doing the past month with taking the pills ya know? I don't want my Ferritin levels to drop more because I am having testing.

Thank you too on the optimal levels for men!!! I thought I remembered reading that here somewhere that mens sohuld be higher. Here is are some of my hubby's numbers, I think he may have some Low Iron issues or close to it anyway, what do you think?? Maybe that is why he feels tired too??

WBC - 9.4 (3.8 - 11.0)
RBC - 4.94 (4.00 - 5.80)
HGB - 14.8 (13.0 - 17.3)
HCT - 43.3 (38.0 - 52.0)
MCH - 30.0 (27.0 - 34.0)
RDW - 12.9 (11.5 - 16.0)
MPV - 7.8 (6.6 - 10.8)

I wonder what his Ferritin Level is, think he should have it tested?? I did see that the mens Lab Ranges are different. Like his ranges are different than mine, and they are from the same lab. Mens I guess need to be higher than womens??

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