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i've been doing some research on this type of anemia or one dr has diagnosed my daughter of having it. i too have anemia....thallesemia i think since birth. i read that hydrocromic mycrocystic anemia has something to do with iron deficiency but when they went over her charts with me, her iron was fine and also the ferritin levels were on the low side but still "within range". my daughter is 7 years old and ever since she was born, she's had a slightly low blood count. nothing that dr.'s were too worried about. so she went in for her physical just recently because she wanted to join basketball and she didn't pass her eye exam (she just got new glasses in Feb 2007). so we went to the eye clinic and dr. said she has been wearing the wrong prescription for awhile now (in feb her eye grade was 1.25 now it's 2.75) was and that he couldn't get a 20/20 vision out of her and suggested that he dialate her eyes just to make sure there isn't anything serious going on in the back of her eye. then later he suggested that we take some pictures because he notices this dark area in the back part of her eye and openly asked if she has been diagnosed with sickle cell or thallesemia. i said she does have some type of anemia we just dont know what kind. well then we left his office and 30 minutes later, he calls me up and tells me that he would like to look further into that dark pigmentation in the back of her eyes. i was even in the room when they took the pictures and he pointed that dark area out to me. looked like a birthmark of some sort. he even offered his secretary to book the appointment for me on monday and to see the pediatrician right away. talk about stress! i just wanted to know if anyone knows about this situation that i've just explained. any stories or advice would be greatly appreciated. is this something really serious? i kinda freaked out about it. thanks so much.

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