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Hello. I found this website tonight. I was getting some pre-op blood work done in June, and I got a call from the MD's office basically, letting me know that I had an extremely low ferritin count (1), and the story goes that what red blood cells I did have were, "puny." I had gastric bypass in Oct. 2001. Despite very regular bloodwork (previous bloodwork in 12/06, and all was fine), this was the first I was informed of the anemia. I was brought in immediately for a blood transfusion. And then, I was sent to a hematologist who started my IV iron. I had approx. 12 weeks of iron infusions. My ferritin jumped to a level of 198. I stopped the IV iron in early Sept. 2007. I went back for routine hema labs in mid-Nov. and my ferritin count, in roughly 5-6 weeks dropped back down 13. So, I was put back on the infusion treatment (this is my 4th week back on). I had all the tests one could think of this summer, and basically it just comes down to the fact that I don't have a duodenum at my disposal. The bypass, did just that... bypassed my ability to absorb iron. Of course, they told me about malabsorbtion... no one ever said anything about no absorbtion. I have had approx. 25 infusions this year (some weeks I have had two). There is not internal bleeding, and I have been taking suppliments since my surgery in 2001. I have more questions that you will ever know. But, I guess these are my most pressing questions: 1) Has anyone had this many infusions? 2) Any gasric bypass patients with similar problems? 3) Can my veins handle this for the rest of my life? I don't know that I have any other choice. To get IVs to work is a struggle. The iron has been rough on them. But, I have no other way of getting the iron that I need. Now, they don't even draw blood, they take it from my finger (to draw blood uses a dearly needed vein). I trying to get my life back! And this is the beginning of that journey. merci

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