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I posted a few days ago about my very low ferritin levels and anemia. I followed up with a different internist today (he was very nice and thorough and explained things very completely). He mentioned that my reticulocyte count, though on the very low end of "normal" is really too low because of the anemia (it's a measure of new RBC production in the bone marrow). This is likely because I have no iron (ferritin was 1, 3 weeks ago, hopefully a *bit* higher today!) to make RBC's.

Does anyone know how long it will take my bone marrow to respond to the iron supplements? How high should my reticulocyte index go to in a "normal" response to anemia? (He said "normal" ranges are 0.5-1.5%, mine was 0.5%, but he felt this was really low, considering my level of anemia--there's an index they do based on hematocrit levels and that is really more like 0.3%--too low.)

He also recommended that I try really hard to take 3 iron pills a day. Blech. But I'll try. :)

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