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Hi All, thought I had this iron/ferritin level under control. My last ferritin two months ago was 43. I was given IV iron, Venofer. Thought that would have at least taken it up a bit. But to my surprise it went down to 9. My MCV was high and also my MCH. RDW on the high end but not flaged. I did just have two sinus surgeries during these two months. I also am hypo and on synthyroid. Tsh was 1.16. Any idea what is going on? I am tired, muscle pain, joint pain, shortness of breath. Also my period is all wacked. Had a D and C between my sinus surgeries. Did not have a period for a month, then got one and now bleeding again. It has only been 19 days since my last period..
I can remember anything. Skin feels like something is crawling on them.
Does this all have to do with my low ferritin, thyroid, or maybe vit B12/folate issue. I am so lost, don't know which doctor I should call. I am so tired of going to doctors with no answers.
[QUOTE=lindsalou;3347578]Ive found that infusions only seem to be a 'temporary fix', i have venofer infusions too. It seems to me that if your still have blood loss (in my case heavy periods), its a vicious circle, you get the iron - then loose it again. considering the surgeries youve had recently, its no wonder you feel like you do.
Id try and see a haematologist if i were you and get some advice from them.
I have a lot of sinus trouble and im going to mention it when i next go to the doctors, as im begining to wonder if its another symptom of anaemia? (although ive never heard it before).
I fully understand your frustration, sometimes i feel like the grand old duke of york (when they were up they were up, and when they were down they were down - lol).
Hope you get some answers and feel better soon,

No, the sinus issues had nothing to do with low ferritin. I had surgeries which caused me to bleed for a few weeks after each surgery that could have cause my ferritin to go down. Also between the two sinus surgeries, I had a D&C done which also caused me to bleed for about a week. The totality of all this may have caused my ferritin to drop. My hgb did drop from 15 to 13 during this time. But I am not anemic.

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