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[QUOTE=hopalong_too;3353833]My Vitamin D has improved from 19.9 to 47 (32-100)! Yeah! My Ferritin went from 24 to 32 but has slid back to 30 (10-291). And my B12 is at 324 (211-911). This is September-October-November. I started on thyroid meds in October and have upped (doubled) the Levoxyl once. Original starting dose was 37.5mcg. Currently taking 75mcg Levoxyl and 5mcg Cytomel. My TSH is normal ('s below 1.5) but my FT4 and FT3 are at the bottom of the range and still dropping with each test. The problem is I don't know how many of my symptoms are thyroid related or vitamin deficiency related! I am such a worry wart, I am so tired by early afternoon that I could crash anywhere! I feel like my eyes have trouble focusing even though I just had them tested....I do wear glasses sometimes (when I give in) for reading. My hair is thin and dry, my skin is dry, I still have horrible mood swings and to top it off, I am still on the stupid antidepressant that my PREVIOUS doctor gave me because he said I was just depressed. (No vitamin, iron or thyroid testing other than TSH!).

[B]I think that your right you have too many things to possibly know what is causing your symptoms. When your like this I don't think that the doctors can even tell the difference. All you can do if fix them one at a time and it will all fall into place for you, that's when you will most likely be able to figure it out. Your Ferritin looks pretty good to me although it needs to go higher and in time it will. Your TSH is good too. I wish I had your numbers. I would also discuss the antidepressants, you might feel better without them. I think that it is normal to feel so bad with anemia and low ferritin or whatever the case may be. If you feel that you need them that's a different story altogether. I just know that so many doctors prescribe anti's for anemic people or low ferritin and it's not always necessary.[/B]

The problem is the "new" doctor has said the levels are good enough that I can just take a multi vitamin now! At this rate, I will never improve! Does anyone disagree with the multi vitamin solution? Should I just agree and see how it goes? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you in advance....Hoppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:confused:

[B]If it were me and this is just my opinion (hopefully you will get many), I would try to build my ferritin further before going to a mulit-vitamin, as long as you can tolerate it. I would discuss this with the doctor and see if he might come to agree with you. If not, I would at least get a second opinion because you will always use ferritin that's how the body works. You need a good reserve.[/B]

[B]Good luck to you. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/B]


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