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Thanks Christine and Flflowergirl for your replies. Just to clarify: I take the thyroid meds first thing in the morning and the iron and the multi vitamin in the evening so they shouldn't interfere with each other as that is more than 4 hours apart. I have read that optimal Ferritin is 70-90 and I am nowhere close to that yet. My TSH # is great but it is also meaningless now that I am taking thyroid meds. Only the FT4 and FT3 are important and they are still dropping. I was just a little confused as, before treatment is started, when the FT's are low, the TSH is normally high. That was not the case. Also I have positive TPO and TG antibodies. The doctor has already upped the dose and I need to wait the 6 weeks and then after another blood test, he will adjust accordingly. He is not at all against increasing the dose (I have found a wonderful doctor who listens but I don't get much time with him) but he says we have to increase SLOWLY or my body will get even more aggravated! This new doctor (an Endo) didn't want me to stop the antidepressants just yet. He said my body needs to get adjusted and stabilized on the thyroid meds first. Otherwise two distinctly different things would be happening and we wouldn't be able to tell what is helping and what is hurting. It is more the B12 that concerns me. Yes, it is in range but I have read on these boards that it should be more in the 800-1000 range? My bones and joints are just so painful right now. I am constantly aching. I was just wondering what sort of iron supplement people took with a ferritin level about 30 and what I could do to raise the B12 as the multi vitamins are not making a dent in the numbers. I have just been feeling so tired and awful for SO long and I guess I just need to vent. My family can't understand why I am crashed on the sofa every afternoon for 3-4 hours but I can't seem to stay awake! They are fed up with my griping but believe me, I am more fed up. Thank you again for your help and thanks for listening without judgement. :o

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