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Linds - Roughly around the time i began noticing major hair shedding (about 7yrs ago now) i ended up with some weird monthly cycles and i wasn't even close to menopause. I put it down to using fertility drugs to try and fall pregnant. My gp kept putting me on the pill, but after 3 different brands i gave up as each had some very disagreeable side effects with me.

I put up with the problem for a few years until 2 years ago i visited a naturopath who made up some herbal liquid formula. I take 7.5ml of this twice per day and my cycles become normal, i even know when i'm ovulating and i don't bleed as much or as long as i used to. The problem is that each time i try to go off the herbal drops my cycles get messed up all over again. The doctor i'm seeing about my iron issues and my hair loss believes my hormones are out of balance due to my long term low iron, vitamin D and iodine. He says everything in the body is connect and it only takes one thing to go out of sync over a lengthy period of time to in turn affect something else.

I have been for internal and external ultra sound tests among other things and there is simply nothing wrong with me down there. No polyps, no cysts no endo, no nothing. I went through the most awfully uncomfortable external ultrasound only to have the lady tell me "while you're here i might as well do an internal". Was not prepared for that one!! I was mortified, but she didnt see anything and told me i had a loverly uterous and a beautiful set of ovaries!! So much for that if i couldn't fall pregnant!! They did want to send my to a gyno, but i felt that was of no use. What further test could a gyno do to fix my irregular periods and constant spotting.

For now i'm happy with the herbal drops and as my ferretin goes up i'll re evaluate my situation. It's a relief for me to know exactly when my period will turn up, no more mid cycle spotting right up until my period starts, lesser bleeding. I can actually plan holidays or weekends away and my parnter doesn't feel like exchanging me in for someone who isn't always bleeding, no more strategically placing towels on the bed during sex!! Ok, too much info, but seriously it depressed me.

If you find a good herbalist who knows their stuff they can help you. It might take a few months to kick in and see major improvements, but worth it. It's amazing what they can do with herbs. They even offered to give me something for my thyroid, but i opted not to as my thyroid condition began to correct itself bit by bit as my ferretin increased and my iodine supplement helped too.

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