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theartyone - i keep forgetting to take my black strap molasses out of my pantry and actually use it, until i read your posts. It's not use sitting in the cupboard :)

Just thouht i'd comment on the iron supplement and drinking a glass of orange juice with it.... I wasn't able to get my regular iron supplement so bought one which my thyroid doctor suggested. It was a high dose tablet, but didn't have vitamin C included. I thought it was easily solved by drinking a glass of pure orange juice or eating an orange. I did this daily, plus was getting vitamin C in other foods i was eating.

After 2 and a half months my iron had only moved 4 points up. I mentioned this to my doctor when i got my disappointing test results and he said for those who have issues absorbing iron that one glass of orange juice or eating an orange at the time of taking their iron supplement is simply not enough vitamin C. He said i'm better off buying a supplement which has a higher dose of vitamin C already included within the supplement or buying vitamin C tablets. He said there needs to be a minimum 500mg of vitamin C taken with the iron supplement.

This time i've bought one called Ferro-Grad C and will see how it compares. It has 325mg of dried ferrous sulphate which is equivalent to 105mg of elemental iron, as well as 500mg of C.

Wow, i just located an old container i had kept of some original iron powder i was on over a year ago and it has 750mg of vitamin C in it!! Maybe more vitamin C does mean better absorbtion of iron.

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